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PARDUS Wealth Announces Hong Kong Office

Greg Bryce, CEO of  PARDUS Wealth, announces a new location that will open in Hong Kong on October 8th 2019.

PARDUS Wealth’s new international office will be located in Hong Kong Island’s most prominent landmarks, the International Finance Centre. The impressive hight of the 1,352 ft tower sets it apart from the cluster of other high-rise buildings in Hong Kong, notable by its exceptional design as well as its proximity to the Pearl River.

“Hong Kong is one of the worlds key financial hubs, with the highest concentration of banking institutions in the world. It’s a logical move for PARDUS Wealth to locate there as it allows us to strengthen existing partnerships” said CEO Greg Bryce.   

As a significant finance capital, Hong Kong is a crucial conduit for investment and trade. It offers a linked exchange rate system and a deep pool of talent and expertise in the financial sector.

PARDUS Wealth is delighted to have a physical presence in the heart of Hong Kong’s financial district and looks forward to seizing the increased investment opportunities made available to the company and its clients.