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About GRMA-Pardus Wealth

GRMA-Pardus Wealth opens doors to high yield investment opportunities through its exclusive network of selected brokers and tier 1 trading platforms.

With headquarters in Mayfair, London and offices in Hong Kong, GRMA-Pardus Wealth is expertly positioned to ensure its clients have access to the most lucrative, high – yield investment opportunities the global financial markets have to offer.

GRMA-Pardus Wealth prides itself on offering bespoke financial solutions which have been financially engineered to create wealth in a secure environment. GRMA-Pardus Wealth’s flagship product is Pardus Fixed Income Bond which offers above average returns to sophisticated clients by invitation only.

Investment Opportunities

PARDUS Fixed Income Bond

Since its launch 2018, the PARDUS Fixed Income Bond has defined above average returns in the bond market, appealing to sophisticated investors throughout the world.

Small Cap Trades 

GRMA-PARDUS Wealth introduced Small Cap Trades into its product portfolio in response to demand from clients who were seeking investments with the potential for greater returns.

Private Placement Program 

With a privileged access to a worldwide network of financial specialists GRMA-PARDUS Wealth can facilitate investments in private placement programmes or reverse inquiry programs. 

PARDUS Fixed Income Bond

Latest News

PARDUS Fixed Income Bond Lists On Frankfurt Stock Exchange

PARDUS Fixed Income Bond is pleased to announce that its bond is now listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE). The Frankfurt Stock Exchange listing is an integral part of PARDUS’[…]

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GRMA-PARDUS Wealth Expands In Mayfair With New Office

GRMA-PARDUS Wealth is proud to announce that they are relocating to a new private office in Mayfair, 12 Hay Hill. Situated in an imposing six-storey building in the heart of[…]

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GRMA-PARDUS Wealth Announces Hong Kong Office

Greg Bryce, CEO of  GRMA-PARDUS Wealth, announces a new location that will open in Hong Kong on October 8th 2019. GRMA-PARDUS Wealth’s new international office will be located in the[…]

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